Certificate in Metaverse Design

This university-affiliated Certificate in Metaverse Design empowers students and working professionals to become in-demand metaverse creators through a comprehensive full-stack developer program.

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Become a Full-Stack Metaverse Developer in 26 Weeks with our Certificate in Metaverse Design!

Dive into Metaverse Development in 26 Weeks with Immersive Skills Academy's Certified Metaverse Developer Bootcamp!

Craft captivating Metaverse experiences. Master the latest tools (think 3D design, blockchain, XR) to build interactive worlds & applications. Learn from industry experts & gain the skills to launch your Metaverse career – all in just 26 weeks.

Why study With Us

  • Job GrowthWeb Technologies:Master the foundational web technologies that power the Metaverse.
  • Job GrowthUnity for Web3 Development: DLearn to build interactive Metaverse experiences using the industry-standard Unity game engine optimized for Web3.
  • Job GrowthEthereum Blockchain & Solidity: Gain a solid understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and develop smart contracts using Solidity programming language.
  • Job GrowthMaster Moralis:Integrate the Moralis Unity SDK to seamlessly connect your Metaverse projects to the blockchain.

Potential Job Roles

  • Job GrowthBlockchain Developer
  • Job GrowthMetaverse Developer
  • Job GrowthFull Stack Developer


Industry-approved curriculum to help launch your career as a AR Developer

Web Technologies Essentials
"Web Technologies Essentials" covers fundamental tools and concepts vital for modern web development practices.
Ethereum Blockchain & Solidity
"Ethereum Blockchain & Solidity" delves into Ethereum's blockchain technology and Solidity programming language, essential for decentralized application development. Master smart contract creation and blockchain integration with hands-on learning.
Web 3 & Metaverse
"Explore the frontier of Web 3 and the Metaverse, understanding decentralized networks and immersive digital environments. Dive into emerging technologies shaping the future of online interactions and virtual experiences."
Unity Engine Essentials
"Unity Engine Essentials" provides foundational knowledge for creating immersive experiences, games, and simulations. Master Unity's core features to build interactive content for various platforms with ease.
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This course Features

  • Job Growth40 hours on-demand video
  • Job Growth100 hours live Session
  • Job GrowthIndustry live Projects
  • Job GrowthDiscussion Forums and Discord Community
  • Job GrowthPractical Hands-on Learning Session

Tools we’ll be using

  • unity
  • vuforia
  • Visual Studio


Captsone Project as a part of coursework

Apply your skills: Complete a hands-on capstone project to showcase your learning.

VR Metaverse nft gallery

Interactive Metaverse Gallery

Develop a web-based VR gallery showcasing student artwork as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Users can explore the gallery, view artwork details stored on the blockchain, and potentially purchase NFTs using a connected crypto wallet (built with Moralis). This project focuses on Web Technologies, Unity for Web3 basics, and Moralis integration.

Learning Outcome: NFT, wallet, web, blockchain fundamentals

VR NFTmarketplace

Decentralized Metaverse Marketplace

Develop a marketplace for virtual assets like avatars, wearables, or 3D models within a Metaverse environment. Users can buy, sell, and trade these assets using cryptocurrencies managed through Ethereum smart contracts. This project requires a deeper understanding of Solidity for building secure contracts and integrating Moralis for smooth user authentication and transactions.

Learning Outcome: 3D, Unity, Smart Contract, Solidity

VR virtual-shopping-in-metaverse

Metaverse Mall

Create a 3D shopping mall in the Metaverse for browsing stores, viewing blockchain-stored product info, and interacting with virtual salespeople.

Learning Outcome: 3D, Unity, Avatar, Navigation Controls, Ethereum

AR location-based-nft-metaverse

GeoAnchored Metaverse Experiences with Live AR Overlays

This concept combines the immersive world of the Metaverse with the real-world context of location-based AR (Augmented Reality). Users can explore a persistent, location-based Metaverse that overlays digital experiences onto the physical world through their mobile devices.

Learning Outcome: Unity, AR, Mapbox, NFT.

What to Expect

Our expert-led digital sculpting programs prepare you for an exciting career in the industry.

Job Growth

Learn at your pace

Learn AR development at your pace with video tutorials, Interactive tutorials and live instructions.

Job Growth

Exercise Oriented

Transform with hands-on exercises, expert reviews. Elevate your skills with dynamic practice and personalized guidance.

Job Growth

Discord Community

Access our vibrant Discord community for lively discussions, exclusive updates, and a shared passion for connection

Job Growth

live review

Instructors will assess your hands-on practice from the previous day for valuable insights

Industry Recognized Certification

Successful completion of the course will earn you an Metaverse Developer with Certification issued by


Meet your Mentors

Guiding You on Your Immersive Learning Journey

At Immersive Skills Academy, we believe your learning experience is enriched by guidance from industry experts. That's why we've assembled a team of passionate mentors with extensive experience in AR/VR development.

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Course Author

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Deena avatar Deenadayalan


Instructor - Augmented Reality

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Durairaj avatar Durairaj


Instructor - Virtual Reality

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Durairaj avatar Durairaj


3D Artist

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From Chemistry to Metaverse: Noel’s Journey

The instructors were amazing – they made complex topics like blockchain and Unity development easy to understand. The project-based learning was fantastic – building a Metaverse mall with real-world applications solidified my skills. Now, I'm working as a Metaverse developer for a leading retail company, creating immersive shopping experiences. This course gave me the skills and confidence to pursue a career I never thought possible."

Noel Jose

Metaverse Developer


Send us an enquiry and let's work together to meet your career goals.

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This course requires a curious mind, basic computer literacy, and a passion for learning


  • Job GrowthUnity hub and Unity Editor
  • Job GrowthVisual studio code


  • Job GrowthA laptop or computer (Mac or PC)
  • Job GrowthAndroid Mobile Phone

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We've got answers.

Is any prior tech experience needed?
No prior experience is necessary, this course covers the essentials from web3 development to blockchain to metaverse developement using unity engine
What projects will I build?
Please Refer Capstone Projects Section.
What career paths can this open?
This course prepares you for in-demand Metaverse developer roles in various industries like retail, education, and gaming.
Will this course covers ar vr technologies?
We offer Customised Modules for AR VR as ADD on
How long does the course take?
The Certificate in Metaverse Design can be completed in as little as 26 weeks (check for specific program duration).

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